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Here's to the Companions!

The Companions get far too little attention in discussions of Doctor Who, usually just a passing nod as the spotlight is ever on the Doctor. But the Doctor has it easy. He faces the forces of destruction with a wealth of knowledge, a respiratory bypass system, and, if all else fails, the possibility of regeneration. Meanwhile, his Companions, without immortality, a superhuman physique, or (frequently) a clue, stand beside him, loyally and courageously placing their frail, one-shot bodies in the same deadly peril as the Doctor, with far less chance of survival. After all, four Companions have died in the line of duty with a ten others stranded far from home. The Doctor, meanwhile, survives and is free to travel wherever he can get the TARDIS to take him.

Let us consider, too, the actors and actresses who portray the Companions. It's not as easy as it looks: they must play a character who is simon-pure and simon-simple, who is interesting but not as interesting as the Doctor, who can ask stupid questions without seeming stupid, and who can run like a cheetah and scream like a boiling teapot.

So we are here to praise Barbara's common sense and Jacqueline Hill's intelligence, the Brigadier's reliability and Nicholas Courtney's professionalism, Sarah Jane's curiosity and Elisabeth Sladen's warmth, Ace's loyalty and Sophie Aldred's sense of humor. In other words, here's a toast to the Companions and to the talented performers who have played them. Where would Doctor Who, or the Doctor, be without them?

Companion Spotlight

I can't make it this year, alas, but Gallifrey One is showing eminently good taste by hosting three Companion actors as their Guests of Honor (please say hello to them for me!):

Anneke Wills Carole Ann Ford Frazer Hines


The Roll of Honour

Susan Foreman* Carole Ann Ford
Ian Chesterton William Russell
Barbara WrightJacqueline Hill
Vicki*Maureen O'Brien
Steven Taylor*Peter Purves
Katarina+Adrienne Hill
Sara Kingdom+Jean Marsh
Dodo ChapletJackie Lane
PollyAnneke Wills
Ben Jackson Michael Craze
James "Jamie" McCrimmonFrazer Hines
Victoria Waterfield*Deborah Watling
Zoe Herriot Wendy Padbury
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Nicholas Courtney
Captain Michael "Mike" YatesRichard Franklin
Sergeant Benton John Levene
Elizabeth "Liz" ShawCaroline John
Josephine "Jo" Grant Katy Manning
Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen
Harold "Harry" SullivanIan Marter
Leela of the Sevateem*Louise Jameson
K9* John Leeson
David Brierley
Romanadvoratrelundar* Mary Tamm
Lalla Ward
Adric+Matthew Waterhouse
Nyssa of Traken*Sarah Sutton
Tegan JovankaJanet Fielding
TurloughMark Strickson
Kamelion+Gerald Flood
Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown* Nicola Bryant
Melanie Bush* Bonnie Langford
Ace Sophie Aldred
Grace Holloway Daphne Ashbrook

+ Died in the line of duty

* Stranded (left the TARDIS with no means of returning home)

We'd like to have all the Companions here, eventually. If you would like to help out, or provide input on any of the other Companions and Companion actresses, please contact:

The ESIN Grand Vizier, Kevin W. Parker (