The Elisabeth Sladen Information Network

is an international fan club devoted to the beautiful and talented actress who played the most popular Doctor Who Companion of all time. We've been in existence since March of 1990 and since then have published twenty-two issues of our newsletter, as well as held an annual party at Visions. The high point of the ESIN's existence was at Visions in 1993, when we had a private pizza party for members only with Elisabeth Sladen. I plan on having a similar party at each US convention that Our Heroine attends.

The ESIN has ceased publishing a newsletter, but you may join our maillist by visiting our online maillist site or by sending an email to Elisabeth Sladen news will be published on this Website and distributed via the maillist.

Meanwhile, sets of The South Croydon LIStener, one of the best-received and longest-running newsletters devoted to a specific Doctor Who actor, are available as described below.

Our fanzine, Roving Reporter, contains exciting adventure stories, probing character pieces, funny filks, and sumptuous artwork. Two of the four issues published so far have won MediaWest's Fan-Q award for favorite Doctor Who fanzine of the year.

Email the Grand Vizier (

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South Croydon LIStener

Ordering information: Newsletter sets are available as follows (see below for descriptions of the contents of the issues):
All orders should be mailed to: Kevin W. Parker, 3-E Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, MD 20770-1900. Please make checks payable to Kevin W. Parker.

Issue contents: Virtual all issues have news, letters, a Classified section, and the Life With Mrs. Dalek and Dog Days comic strips. From #6 on, each regular issue focuses on a particular story, with artwork and/or photos, background information, a quote from Lis, and comments from members. All issues are twelve pages unless otherwise indicated.

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Roving Reporter

Ordering information:

Roving Reporters are available from the ESIN address: Kevin W. Parker, 3-E Ridge Rd., Greenbelt, MD, 20770-1900. Issues are $10 each plus $3 postage and handling for the first issue ordered and $1 for each additional issue or copy ordered at the same time.

RR #1 - 135 pp. Cover and spot illustrations by Martin F. Proctor. Published 1990.

RR #2 - 135 pp. Cover by Martin F. Proctor. Cartoons by Christopher Cook. Published 1991. Winner of the Fan-Q award for the favorite Doctor Who fanzine of 1991.

RR #3 - 130 pp. Illustrated with front and back covers by Martin F. Proctor. Published 1993. Winner of the Fan-Q award for the favorite Doctor Who fanzine of 1993.

This issue features a single novel, "The Mystery of Mandragora," the second story in The New K9 and Company series. Sarah Jane returns to San Martino in modern times on a routine assignment, only to encounter assassins, nuclear terrorists, and crazed mystics. Then things start to get really nasty.

RR #4 - 135 pp. Front and back covers by Martin F. Proctor. Spot illustrations by Martin F. Proctor, Stefanie Kate Hawks, Alan Ivins, and Chris Collins. Published 1995.

Forthcoming issues:

RR #5 - The New K9 and Company first series Annual, with a complete novelization of the episode "'Miss Smith, We're Needed!'" along with other stories, interviews, and background information.

RR #6 - The next anthology issue, which should have stories by Tom Beck, Jeff Morris, Kevin Parker, and others.

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What is this New K9 and Company business, anyway?

Once upon a time a budding Sarah Jane/Elisabeth Sladen fan (namely me) found out about K9 and Company. "Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane in a leading role!" he thought. "This sounds great!" He looked forward to seeing the episode, but when he finally did he was disappointed. He fell to brooding about its deficiencies and resolved to remedy them in his own mind, if nowhere else. "Forget about witches, the Cotswolds, and--especially--Brendan," he thought. "Let's have science-fiction adventures in a high-tech setting, and let's give Sarah Jane a companion that she can truly relate to, and who is interesting in his own right."

This much is true. Now imagine if you will that this fan, by some incredible stroke of good fortune, is hired by an Anglo-American production company (not unlike the one currently trying to bring back Doctor Who ) to help them revive K9 and Company. What results are two seasons worth of stories in Doctor Who format (two to six twenty-five minute episodes per story), one season filmed in Britain and the other in America, with an American co-star alongside Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane. Thus we have The New K9 and Company, whose stories are being novelized in issues of Roving Reporter, and will be documented extensively in RR#5. Enjoy.

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