Great Moments in Phenomenology

Advanced computing, penguins, Japanese history and Macintosh: the truth

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As you have probably noticed by now (unless you are one of those strange people who uses their Web browser with the graphics turned off), this opening page has a penguin theme. The top picture to the right is from a mural at the Silver Spring, MD, Metro station. Titled "Penguin Rush Hour,"created by Sally Calmer, the long mural wraps around two sides of the station and depicts various species of penguins taking the Metro to work.

The senior penguin, Lawrence Charters, is currently a civilian, but once did yeoman duty at a Navy seaplane base, on an island in Puget Sound. In one famous photo, he is shown in his most formal penguin attire. What you can't see is his strong support of family values: he is holding his mother's hand with his left hand.

When not in uniform, he is an officer in Washington Apple Pi, and is a tireless collector of Infrequently Asked Questions. He also has a strong private business writing third person autobiographies, such as this.

Metro Penguin

Lawrence Charters

American Revolutionary War Timeline

The junior penguin, Lykara Charters, prepared some pages on the American Revolutionary War for her fourth grade peers (in 1995) at Phelps Luck Elementary School in Columbia, Maryland.


Photos from Lykara's May 2000 recital at the Howard County Center for the Performing Arts (Ellicot City, Maryland).

Photos and movie clips of her May 2001 recital at the Black Box Theater, Howard County Center for the Performing Arts (Ellicot City, Maryland).

Retirement and Dwight Eisenhower

Photos from Kathleen's retirement party in August 2001 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Eisenhower Suite. With considerable luck, and despite several national crises, she retired November 1, 2001.

Trips and events:

Nursing Informatics 2003, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2003

Summer at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, June-July-August 2002

Howard High School Junior & Senior Prom, Columbia, MD, April 26, 2002

Washington, DC, Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC, April 2, 2002

Pensacola, Florida, Blue Angels, New Orleans, etc., April 7-14, 2001

Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Scituate, Mass., Feb. 12-13, 2001


Revised sometime in the MMIth century.