Topics on The American Revolution

Issues of the War
The Revolutionary War was fought to give American people a chance to govern themselves, not have to pay England's taxes, to be free of hereditary monarchy, and to be free people. The Revolutionary War should not be brushed off. Without it, you might not be here, and if you were, you wouldn't be you. The road to war started with the Stamp Act in 1765 and ended on September 3, 1783 by the Treaty of Paris. If you had been born the year the Stamp Act was brought in, (the year the war officially started) you would be 18 before the war ended. That was a long war.


In the Revolutionary War, the weapons were heavy, primitive (compared to now), and had to be reloaded after one shot. Some of the weapons were muzzle loading cannons, swords, bayonets, and muzzle loading muskets. These weapons were sometimes hard to work and took skill, but were quit deadly if used in the proper way.

Cannons like this were used in the Revolutionary War. They were hard to pull, and were almost inpossible to drag through mud.


During the Revolutionary War, the uniforms were obvious. The British wore red uniforms, and the colonists wore whatever clothes they had. On the British uniforms, there were lots of "bells and buckles." They had a pocket for this and a pocket for that. The Americans just wore belts with rubber containers attached. Towards the end of the war Americans got uniforms, but not everyone got one, and those who did only got to wear them in one or two battles.

British UniformAmerican Uniform
Left: British troops had very strict dress codes. Their uniforms looked somewhat like this.
Right: Americans did not have uniforms until the end of the war. Even then, not all soldiers wore uniforms. If a soldier was lucky enough to get one, their uniform would look like this.


There are many memorials you can go to. There are four in particular I will point out. They are located in:
1)Philadelphia, Penn.
2)Washington D.C.
3)Concord, Mass. and
4)Valley Forge, Penn.

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Timeline of the American Revolution

Battles of the American Revolution

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