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As you might notice from the links above, my interests are wide-ranging and often eccentric - and that's only covering the areas that I have web pages for! I'm also interested in science (particularly astronomy - hence the background), space exploration (ditto), science fiction, British sitcoms, bicycling, t'ai ch'i, and computers. By days I am a software engineer supporting NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center; by evenings you'll find me spending way too much time on my computer pursuing one or more of the interests listed above. Feel free to contact me via email at kevin.parker@tcs.wap.org. However, be sure to make your subject clear as that address gets a lot of spam - if you mention a certain prescription medication or low mortgage rates or ask my aid in spiriting money out of a certain African country, your message may go straight into the spam file and be discarded without further review.

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