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Hi, there. I'm Jane Member, and I've been with Washington Apple Pi since 1978. I bought my first Apple directly from the hands of Steve Wozniak at the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco. Since then, I've moved up in the world, and now have a grid cluster made up of 14 twin-processor XServe G5s which I use to find flaws in automated voting machines, do gene sequencing and perform syntactic analyses of late Victorian novels.

Cellphone I'm not normally a fan of appliances, but I like my cell phone company.

Early cellphones My great grandfather helped pioneer the telecommunications revolution.

Mac OS X printing Yes, I, too, had some trouble printing to an inkjet with Mac OS X, but I found a work-around.

Mars photo With my spare processing power, I can decode Mars photos before NASA.

Mad cow research In a few spare minutes, I also did some decoding of DNA from the latest Mad Cow panic.

Home decorating When you live in a converted warehouse, you need all the home decorating tips you can get.

Boating Yes, I have a boat. And yes, a boat really is just a hole in the water in which you pour money. But my boat is a bit different.

If you would like information on how you can set up your own Web site, please visit the Computing conference on the TCS and ask the pros. All Washington Apple Pi members get 100K of storage space. Explorer subscribers get a great deal more (I'm an Explorer subscriber).

If you'd like to write to me, please send your E-mail to: jane.member@wap.org.